Abby_Bio_imageAbigail - "Nibbles and Kisses" Munro -

Abby is our oldest girl - an AKC registered yellow Labrador retriever who is a young twelve year old. She is still a live wire and consummate Frisbee player even though she is slowing down a bit. Her nick name is "The Knicker Napper" because she is always in the dirty clothes basket moving objects to the bed, couch, or yard when we are not looking. She has also picked up another nick name "Miss Wiggles" because when she greets you everything from the tail to the nose is wiggling. She now has a little sister and has so much fun chasing her or teasing her with a Frisbee. They are the best of buddies. Abby is an original co-founder of Two Lab Photography.



Molly is our youngster - an AKC-registered black Labrador retriever who is seven years old. She is a live wire and and enjoys running and chasing with Abby in the backyard. She plays Frisbee as well as Abby and has finally learned to return it for another throw. Even today Abby still returns the Frisbee with Molly hanging on. Molly is the hug muffin of the family as she is always dropping down right next to you and putting her head in your lap. What is really amazing is that she has many of the same mannerisms of her predicessor, Riley. Joanne feels that Riley picked her out and sent her to us as a replacement.




Riley - an AKC-registered chocolate Labrador retriever now passed away April 3, 2009 at 11 years, 7 months. She was a mellow and gentle lab who lived "The life of Riley." She was named after the old 1950s TV show depicting the life of a post-WWII aircraft worker in southern California who was living a good middle-class life. We miss her very much but feel that she was looking out for us when we selected a new puppy in 2009 and Molly has many of her traits and mannerisms. Riley was an original co-founder of Two Lab Photography.