Massai Mara Game Reserve, Kenya (Revisit) - Aug. 28 - Sept. 02, 2008

This gallery is a continuation of images taken on our 2008 safari to Kenya. On August 28th we
had a very short morning game drive leaving Lake Nakuru before continuing on to the third and
final stop in Kenya. The drive from Lake Nakuru down the rift valley to "The Mara" on the
southern boarder of Kenya with Tanzania, took the better part of seven hours driving mostly on
roads in extremely poor condition. Our group arrived at the Massai Mara Game Reserve around
1530 hours and immediately began an afternoon game drive before checking into our tented

The "Mara," as it is called, is located on the extreme northern edge of the Serengeti. The
Serenegti is a grass plain much like Kansas and eastern Colorado with rolling terrain, sparse tree
cover, and intermittent watercourses. We could not help but see and wonder at the vast herds of
wildebeest. Watching the migration of wildebeest I could imagine what the first pioneers saw on
America's great plains with huge herds of buffalo. Our guide told us the estimates of migrating
wildebeest exceeds 1.5 million animals. Mixed with the migrating wildebeest were zebras, other
antelope, and cape buffalo. When we made it to the Mara River in the following days, all the
crocodiles were lazing in the sun fat and lethargic from gorging on the animals that were
attacked during the crossing. There were many carcasses in the river and on the banks for the
scavengers, especially the vultures.

All of us in the group wanted to visit a Massai village, but it did not come to pass as the village
elders demanded too high a fee. Our Massai guides discouraged our acceptance of the cost. The
Mara is a must stop if you plan a safari to Kenya.

The reason for the revisit of the 2008 images was to review technique and composition so that I may improve the quality of the images I will capture on the up-coming trip to Tanzania. All of the images presented here have been reprocessed using newer techniques and software. Also, many of the images have never been shown before.

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did reviewing, processing, and remembering the
days at Massai Mara.