Rocky Mountains (May - June)

Late spring of this year (2016) Joanne and I along with the doggies, Abby and Molly, made a fifty-six day trek to some of our favorite places in the Rocky Mountains. This trip was made in conjunction with an art workshop Joanne attended in North Carolina. When Joanne departed for North Carolina, John, the doggies, and the trailer with in tow headed east to Utah and southern Wyoming for some bird photography. We met up in Denver ten days later where we stayed two weeks visiting friends and enjoying some of our favorite places. After Memorial Day we headed north to the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Parks. After twelve days in the Parks we headed north toward Glacier National Park with a three-day stopover in Polson, MT, to visit the National Bison Range. We had planned a seven-day stay on the east side of Glacier National Park, but the prolonged closure of Logan Pass and bad weather cut the stay short by three days. So we decided to begin the journey home.
The trip home took us through the panhandle of Idaho and into eastern Washington. We spent three wonderful nights in Polouse, WA, visiting the "Palouse" - a very photogenic region. Our short stay left us with one impression - we need to return and spend more time. Leaving the Palouse we wanted to stop at Palouse Falls State Park, but could not find any accommodations for our travel trailer. So we continued south into Oregon and stopped at Burns and the Malheur NWR. The visit was a bust - very little wildlife to photograph. We headed south into California and then to Reno before turning west over the Sierra Range and the heat of the Central Valley.
Since there are so many places and images we wanted to show we have broken the trip down into the major stops. Please have a look at each of the galleries to the left and enjoy our images. And drop us line to let us know what you think. Enjoy!

JJAM (John, Joanne, Abby, and Molly)