Samburu National Reserve, Kenya (Revisit) - August 22-25, 2008

Joanne and I are traveling to Tanzania on a photo-safari in November of 2017 and are looking forward to the trip. In August - September of 2008 we traveled to Kenya on a photographic safari. Following that great trip we knew that someday we would do the same in Tanzania and the Serengeti.

In Kenya we visited three different national parks that represented three different and unique habitats. The following pictures were captured at the Samburu National Reserve, our first stop. Located in north central Kenya it is very arid, the landscape rocky, and predominately brush and scrub land with a shallow river running through the region - much like the Platte River on the eastern plains of Colorado.

The reason for the revisit of the 2008 images was for me to review my techniques and compositions so that I may improve the quality of images from Tanzania. All of the images presented here have been reprocessed using newer techniques and software. Also, many of the images have never been shown before.

I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did reviewing, processing, and remembering the days at the Samburu.