Tarangire National Park, Tanzania - November 16-18, 2017

In early 2017 Joanne and I signed up for a photography safari to Tanzania, and departed San
Francisco, November 13, for Amsterdam via London. We spent the night of November 14th in
Amsterdam and departed for Arusha, Tanzania, the following morning. The flight was eight plus
hours putting us into Arusha at approximately 2100 hours. Entry to Tanzania via a tourist visa is
100 USD and can be paid at immigration or applied for from the embassy. Joanne and I received
our visas from the Tanzanian Embassy in Washington, D.C. in September and avoided the long
lines. Our guides representing Tanzania Outdoor Adventures met us outside of customs. We spent
about a half-hour conversing with the guides, Jombi and Gerald, getting a first hand account of what
we are likely to experience in the next week and half.

Evening accommodations were at a coffee plantation just outside of Arusha. The sleeping
buildings were designed like a Massai hut and clusters of huts resembled a Massai village. After
a hearty breakfast we departed for Tarangire National Park, about 65 miles southwest of Arusha
and about 15 miles beyond the turn to the Ngorongoro Crater. Because of Tarangire's location the
park is not visited by that many safari travelers. This lack of visitors allowed us to sit and watch
animal behavior and activity without being forced to accommodate other vehicles. In the three days
we were in the park I think we saw only one other safari vehicle, but on the day out, Saturday
November, 18, there were about ten safari vehicles at the ranger station registering to get into the
park. Tarangire is noted for lions in trees (we didn't see any), Baobob trees and one of the largest
elephant herd in Tanzania and east Africa in general.

This is the first stop of five different regions within Tanzania. Enjoy the images and we hope
you enjoy viewing them as much as we had in making them.