Joanne's Watercolors


Most of my paintings are for sale as a Giclées (Pigmented InkJet Print). Contact me via e-mail for sizes and prices.


I have been interested in art for an extremely long time and envied the people who could draw and paint. I remember visiting the Getty Museum in the Santa Monica Hills of southern California as a little girl and marveled all of the beautiful paintings and sculptures. In college I studied the history of art but never progressed any further as I felt I had no talent. After retiring I met a local Fresno artist, Carlene Kostiw, who has spent her career painting primarily in watercolor and teaching at all levels in the education system. I signed up for some lessons and that started me on the way to producing some paintings. I discovered I do have some talent and have progressed from the point of Carlene doing most of the painting and describing what and how to paint, to me doing almost all the work with some input by Carlene. My process is to find a photograph either from John's photo archive or from my photo archive and sketch the scene using a griding method on the photo and on the canvas.

When I travel I always keep a travel journal of what John and I have seen and done. Part of the journal experience is to add memories, and I am now making sketches in my journals. Sketching is something Carlene actively encourages with her students. The first step in the creation of a watercolor is to have the scene or subject drawn lightly in pencil on the canvas.

Please follow the links to the left to view my paintings. Some of the journal or notebook sketches have been included. I am no way near being a consumate artist but I do enjoy my time at class and out in the field sketching.